Peer Content pricing

Price for starting a new forum75000 Koyns (Rs 750 INR)
Price for one post*40 Koyns (40 Indian Paise)
Minimum joining fee that can be set by a creator10000 Koyns (Rs 100 INR)

Buy Koyns from our payment gateway!

Note 1: Our payment gateway accepts practically ALL currencies, such as US dollar, Euro, etc. The final settlement is in Indian rupees. Our marketing agency; Limen Leap Labs Pvt. Ltd, would be mentioned in the receipt.
Note 2 : Koyns is the term we use for our internal currency or tokens. Explained further down in this page

Currently, creators from India are given (50%) commission of the minimum joining fee collected from each subsequent member. We do a pay out when the collected amount reaches Rs 2000 INR. If the creator has given a UPI ID then the payout would be sent to that UPI ID. But if that was not given, then we will hold the payment for 3 months, from that due date, and we hope the creator can provide a UPI ID by that time. We will entertain an email about any concern regarding the forum, ONLY from the same email address that was used to pay our payment gateway for creating the forum.

*As members keep posting, the accumulated koyns that are remaining after the commission to the creator, would keep getting depleted slowly. Any member of the forum can easily deposit more Koyns into the forum from within the client application itself. But the forum can get sponsorship from outside too. Ask your sponsor to deposit Koyns via this form.

Our pricing is in Koyns. Hmmm...what is a "Koyn"?
Koyns are our internal currency that we use in all our systems. One Koyn is a 1/100th of an Indian Rupee (i.e. 1 paisa or approx 0.00014 USD) Click to read more...

After you buy Koyns from our payment gateway, you would need to generate the Koyn code for the entire packet of Koyns you bought. Do that using this link Then paste the Koyn Code into our client PeerContent desktop application to deposit those Koyns. Don't worry about depositing some extra Koyns. They would get consumed as per usage.

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